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Autor Thema: she has not yet laid an egg?
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  erstellt: 04. Juli 2018 16:30    zitat    pm   mail   hp  
Hello all,

My 27 week old Bluebell (who has still not started laying) over the last few days has had a huge crop. Every morning when I let her out it has gone right down to 'normal' yet come lunch time it is large again and gets bigger throughout the rest of the day...she looks very odd with it! I have felt it and it is all squishy and her breath doesnt smell at all so I have ruled out (rightly or wrongly) sour crop.

She is acting normal....scratching, eating like a piglet and her poop is normal also. She is sneezing a bit but so are most of them on and off...possibly down to dust bathing or pollen spores (?!?!?!) - Most of them have sneezed for months now so I have stopped worrying about that!

She seems to have really 'grown up' this last week and her comb and waffles have grown and are a lovely red colour. She has no other symptoms...such as runny nose, discharge, raspy breathing.

BUT she has not yet laid an egg?!?!?!

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you.

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