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Autor Thema: Help me reconnect with my dogs.
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  erstellt: 20. Juni 2019 21:44    zitat    pm   mail  
Hi all,

I had a mixed female black lab name Babusar and a male white wolf hybrid husky with one blue eye named Ajab. They were both fixed and were 2 years and 1 year old respectively. When my family and I moved to China in June 2015, we sold them to a really nice family (they found us on craigslist) that had a farm out in West South Carolina (we were living in Columbia).
We just moved back to Columbia from China last month, and I would love to see them, and know how they are doing or if they passed away or were given to different owners. Problem is I don't know how to find the family and have no way of contacting them as all the phones or accounts we communicated with 4 years ago have been lost or forgotten.

Thanks for any help.

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