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Autor Thema: A Guide to Starting a Commercial Goat Dairy
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Turning a passion into a viable business is a line-in-the-sand decision, and a new book by Northeast SARE Farmer Grant Specialist Carol Delaney, A Guide to Starting a Commercial Goat Dairy, covers what farmers should consider when planning a goat dairy startup. It also fills a gap—there are many periodicals and books with information about cow dairying, and this adds some needed weight on the small ruminant side of the scale.

Delaney has taken information developed over her ten years as the Vermont small ruminant dairy specialist and enriched it with practical, science-based information. For example, in the chapter on feeding, the diet recommendations stem, in part, from the results of Delaney's SARE grant, “Implementing goat nutrition programs for improvement of farm sustainability.” Topics are illustrated with many photos and tables and include time and financial management, recordkeeping, goat selection, the cost of raising replacements, nutrition, grazing and marketing.

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